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These 12 dangerous pieces of furniture must be kept away from children, and you must have them in your home too! (Parents must see)

Recently, two pieces of news about toys and furniture that damage children are shocking. Play Mom put them together to see if your baby is using these things, and help you prevent accidental injuries in children’s rooms, and study hard. Next, avoid the baby from being hurt!

  1, side pull crib

  Dangerous cause: The movable side of the side-pull crib may cause the child to fall, strangle or even suffocate to death.

   Alternative: Choose a crib with a fixed guardrail around it, and the design should be simple (fancy decorations may hang on the baby's clothes and cause strangulation and suffocation). If the crib at home happens to be a side-pull type, you can modify it or contact the manufacturer to obtain modified equipment. Can be retrofitted to child safety bed guardrail

  2, anti-collision bed

  Dangerous reason: The anti-collision bed fence is designed to protect the child's head and prevent it from hitting the wooden guardrail of the crib. However, the anti-collision bed may cause suffocation and even sudden infant death syndrome. Parents are advised not to use cribs to prevent collisions, including so-called breathable styles.

   Alternatives: Not available yet. Security experts recommend that you use a normal crib with a bed cover.

  3, baby sleeping pad

  Dangerous reasons: The baby sleep pad can be used to prevent the baby from turning over and pressing on the stomach while sleeping, or to raise his head and back to avoid stomach acid reflux. However, when the baby's face is too close to the sleeping pad, or when the baby rolls over or rolls freely, it is likely to cause the baby to suffocate.

   Substitutes: Put the baby back down to reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome. If the baby is experiencing esophageal reflux or congestion, be sure to take him to a pediatrician.

   4. Blankets and pillows

  Dangerous reasons: Babies may be entangled in blankets and cause suffocation; or they may be suffocated by pillows and poor breathing may cause suffocation. When a parent sleeps with a child, it is possible to crush the child. Therefore, it is not recommended that children sleep with their parents.

   Substitutes: Parents can put the baby in a sleeping bag or one-piece pajamas to keep the baby comfortable in the "bare" crib. If a friend happens to give you a cute blanket, hang it on the wall or use it during "prone time".

   5. Crib bed curtain

  Dangerous reason: The purpose of the dome-shaped or vertical curtain-shaped bed curtain is to prevent babies from climbing outside the crib or play bed, but the babies may be wrapped and entangled by it, causing suffocation and death.

   Substitute: If the baby can already crawl out of the crib by himself, the parents can replace the TA with a crib for toddlers.

  6, crib for mother and baby sleeping together

  Dangerous cause: The crib for mother and baby sleeping together can make the baby closer to the mother during sleep, so that the mother can better feed and care. However, experts do not advocate co-sleeping in cribs and co-sleeping of mother and child. The child may be crushed by sleeping parents and cause death from suffocation.

   Alternative: Use a complete crib with fixed surrounding guardrails.

  7. Children's changing table with less than four sides

   Cause of danger: The child may or fall to the floor. The Consumer Product Safety Association estimates that in 2009, approximately 4,500 children younger than 5 were injured in accidents related to changing tables.

   Alternatives: The changing table is best to have a flat surface and guardrails around it, or use a mat on the ground. Can be installed with anti-tip furniture safety harness

   8. Unfixed furniture

   Cause of danger: Falling furniture can make a child fatal in an instant.

   Substitutes: Use ropes, brackets or furniture-related accessories to fix the furniture on the wall to ensure that the furniture will not tilt or fall. Can be installed with anti-dumping children's furniture straps

  9, sling baby carrier

  Dangerous cause: The baby's head may lean forward or the baby's face may cling to the adult's body, causing breathing problems, resulting in suffocation. The product may also cause a variety of injuries, such as skull fractures, head injuries, bruises and abrasions. In most cases, the baby fell out of the carrier.

   Alternatives: baby strollers, handheld baby baskets, baby car seats and bundled baby carriers.

  10, walker

   Reasons for danger: Walkers can help babies learn to stand and walk, but they can also lead to unknown dangers, or even fall from a building.

   Substitute: A fixed or "walking around" activity center within a certain range, which can ensure that the baby learns to stand or move safely within a certain range. Can be replaced with a child safety chair

  11, children's bath chair

  Dangerous reason: The purpose of the children's bath chair is to help the baby sit upright in the bathtub, but it gives the parents a very safe illusion. The bath chair may tilt, causing the baby to fall into the water or even drown.

   Alternative: Baby hard plastic bathtub. Do not leave your baby alone or turn your back to the baby, keep one hand on the baby at all times.

  12, Bumbo seat

   Cause of danger: The purpose of this colorful and cute little seat is to help babies sit upright, but once babies and toddlers bend, lean or shake, they may fall off the Bambo seat.

   Alternatives: baby rocking chairs or fixed activity centers. Never put the chair on the table, workbench or bed when the child is sitting in the chair, because the chair may tip over. Can be replaced with a child safety chair

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