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Where is the need to stick children's anti-collision strips

Time:2018-07-04 12:00:00

In daily life, children will inevitably encounter bumps and bumps. How to prevent children from being injured by bumps is a common concern for parents. What kind of protective measures will everyone adopt? I believe that some parents have chosen the children's anti-collision strip, which has a very wide range of applications. All kinds of home materials are suitable, such as cement, ceramic tiles, wood boards, etc. So where do you need to stick anti-collision strips at home? Anti-collision strip production, child safety locks, anti-collision angle production, child protection strips, children anti-collision strips, children anti-collision corners, hot children's products, customized baby gifts, child safety protection Supplies, baby safety protection supplies

1. Table foot

  After having a baby, the furniture becomes full of dangers. If you don't pay attention to it, the baby will hit his head and big bags. In severe cases, he will bleed or hurt the eyes! So hurry up and "protect" the table legs, the children's anti-collision strip can play a very good effect.

Second, the bed corner

   The corners of the bed are generally prominent. If the baby falls over while playing on the side of the bed, it can easily be bumped and injured.

Third, the edge of the furniture

The advantage of    anti-collision strip is that it can be cut at will and combined as needed. When using it, you can cut it to the required length with scissors, then uncover the self-adhesive protective paper, paste 1/2 area on one side of the wall or the edge of the furniture, and then paste the remaining part to the other side. Because of the strong viscosity, when you want to remove it, it is best to use a hair dryer to heat it and then try to peel it off slowly.

Four, the corner

   Children tend to forget when they run up, and they will hit the corner of the wall if they don’t turn in time, so protective measures must be taken in the corner.

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