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What kind of protective equipment do children need at home?

Time:2018-07-04 12:00:00

Did you know that when there are children playing in the house, there are safety hazards everywhere? This is by no means alarmist, for example, pointed table corners, sharp door frames, open power supply...Have you ever paid attention to these? But we can't move all these furniture out, so we have to find a way to do some safety protection. Let’s take a look at the little knowledge of children’s home safety related to children’s home safety protection products on the Baibai Safety Net. It will definitely be very useful!

What is child protective equipment?

Child protective equipment is the protective equipment produced to ensure the safety of children's daily life. Including: anti-lost series, anti-shock series, anti-pinch series, anti-collision injury series and so on.

Why do children need protective equipment?

Being a parent really cannot be lucky. In order to make the baby's life free from accidents, we must be careful and careful, and be careful and careful.

Especially for children aged 0-6, they are full of curiosity and love to explore the world around them. Electric shock, burns, accidental eating, and drowning are also common child safety accidents in daily life. Therefore, our parents must pay attention to the safety of electricity at home, and it is best to install an electric protection cover for the socket. Some rooms lack complete protection devices due to the balcony, doors, windows, and stairs. When children are playing on the balcony or by the window, climbing accidents are very likely to occur. At this time, if there are protective fences and protective nets, a safety barrier can be added. Therefore, it can be said that children's home safety protection products are very important.

What are the hidden safety hazards in children's homes?

1. Many children nowadays, out of curiosity, like to stuff their fingers into the jacks or stuff things into the jacks. This is very dangerous. It is easy to get an electric shock.

2. Nowadays, children develop very fast. Children between three and four years old are already more than one meter tall. If the balcony and windows are lower from the ground, they can easily climb up. Without effective protective measures, accidents are prone to occur.

3. Furniture is also a major factor in injury to children. In the early stages of learning to crawl, babies often bump and bump, and the home environment cannot be guaranteed to be clean. Many parents buy children’s furniture, and most of them will round the corners to prevent children bumping, but the baby does not have this awareness. It is easy to hit furniture such as table legs in the living room and other places

4. Places like room doors and cabinet doors can easily cause injuries to children.

5. The baby may quickly stretch his little hand into the toilet to "play in the water" while you are not paying attention, or throw some of your precious items into the toilet.

What kind of protective equipment do children need at home?

In order to ensure the safety of children, apart from adults taking extra care when taking care of their babies, it is best for parents with conditions to use baby safety protection products to help themselves. So what are the baby safety protection products?

What are the baby safety protection: anti-pinch series

1. Child safety door clip It is not uncommon for mothers to be in a hurry outside the house if they accidentally lock the door. This product can be buckled on the door to prevent the door from closing suddenly, smashing the baby's fingers or being injured by other things, and preventing the door from closing and locking the baby in the house.

2. Children's cabinet safety buckle. When the baby has the ability to flip through the cabinets, he will be happy to switch on and off every day, so there are not a few babies with pinched hands. This small protective buckle can be installed on the drawer. When the drawer is opened to a certain distance, the buckle will lock, and the baby will avoid the danger of being pinched.

3. Multi-purpose protective buckle. It can be used in refrigerators, cabinet doors and other places. With this, the baby can't open the cabinet door easily, avoiding the risk of the baby being locked in the refrigerator or getting his hands caught in the cabinet door. In addition, the drawers of the medicine cabinet should be more careful to prevent the baby from swallowing medicine by mistake.

What are the baby safety protection: anti-collision, anti-fall series

1. Anti-collision table corner for children Description of anti-collision table corner: When babies are crawling and toddlers, they may have "close contact" with furniture at any time. Those sharp corners can be dangerous for babies. With this gadget, you can prevent your baby from being bruised by the sharp corner of the table. It can be installed in the corners of tables, bed corners, bookcases, staircase corners, etc. in general households. There are spherical shapes and right-angle shapes. Parents can choose according to their home conditions.

2. Children's anti-collision strip Anti-collision strip is actually a rubber belt that can be pasted. Stick the sticky side to the side of the wall and furniture. If the baby accidentally bumps into it, because it is protected by a soft rubber band, it will not be severely knocked.

3. Children's bed guardrail Install the guardrail on the side of the bed to prevent the baby from falling from the bed and get injured.

What are the baby safety protections: anti-shock series

1. Children's socket protective cover buckle the protective cover on the power port to prevent the baby from being curious about touching the power source and causing electric shock.

2. Child safety socket buckle the protective cover on the power port to prevent the baby from touching the power supply because of curiosity and electric shock.

What are the baby safety protection: kitchen and bathroom safety series

1. Gas knob protective cover If you can't prevent your baby from entering the kitchen, this little thing is necessary. Install this to prevent your baby from sneaking into the kitchen and turning on the gas stove when you are not paying attention. Turning on the gas stove sounds like a terrible thing! Be sure to take precautions.

2. Children's toilet lock. If your baby has the habit of exploring the bathroom, you'd better put on this little thing, because the baby may quickly reach into the toilet to "play in the water" without you paying attention. Some of your precious things are thrown into the toilet. Well, there are reports that the baby's head got into the toilet, so protection is necessary.

These children's safety protection products must be installed on the things that children touch every day. After all, parents can't stare at their children 24 hours a day no matter how cautious they are. With these products, as a parent, you can also save a lot of worry.

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