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Child safety protection knowledge

Origin:浙江吉客工贸有限公司 Author:吉客 Time:2016-10-24 12:00:00

Dangerous balcony

1. Do not step on unstable objects such as stools, flower pots, cartons, etc. on the balcony. Doing so is very dangerous and you may easily fall and hurt yourself.

2. Don't play around on the balcony, chase or play balloons, kite flying and other dangerous games.

3. Don't reach out to reach the things outside the balcony, so as not to lose control of your body and fall downstairs and cause an accident.

4. When standing on the balcony looking into the distance, or greeting the friends downstairs, do not stick out the balcony too much to avoid losing your balance, falling downstairs and causing casualties.

5. Don't throw things downstairs from the balcony. This will not only damage the environmental sanitation around the building, but also hurt the pedestrians downstairs.

Suggestion: Families with doors on the balcony can install child safety gate guardrails. You can also install a protective net on the balcony guardrail. Prevent accidents when adults are not around.

 Prevention of electric shock

1. When playing outdoors, don't climb the telephone pole. When you encounter a wire that falls on the ground or hangs in the air, you must go around, because it may be a wire with high voltage and strong electricity.

2. Don't turn on or turn off the lights or touch other power switches with wet hands when you are at home.

3. Don't install switches and sockets casually, let alone fiddle with or repair electrical appliances or electrical equipment.

4. Never use fingers, knives and pens to touch, plug, or stab multi-use sockets. It is very dangerous.

5. Do not dry clothes on the wire.

6. Don't walk in the fields during thunderstorm days, and don't shelter from the rain under big trees or transformers. Doing so is easy to get an electric shock.

 Suggestion: You can buy some socket storage boxes at home, and some socket protection covers for small sockets.

Safety of going up and down stairs

1. In public places, when going up and down the stairs, you must follow the direction of the up and down, otherwise you will bump into others, which is very dangerous.

2. When going up and downstairs, don't make a fuss or push the children in front of you. This will easily cause the children in front of you to fall and be injured.

3. It is very dangerous to use the railing of the stairs as a slide and slide down.

4. When going up and down the stairs, you should walk one step at a time, rather than two steps or more in one step, as it is easy to sprain your foot.

5. When going up and down the stairs, don't run around and jump around, you should walk slowly with your hands on the guardrail, and you must obey the order, be courteous to each other, and walk on the right.

Suggestion: For families with babies, stairs can be equipped with stair guardrails. Prevent your baby from going downstairs privately.

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